Your guide to The Peak‘s Election Issue


Are you brimming with political passion? Certain that Stephen Harper will turn this country into a dictatorship? Worried that Justin Trudeau’s good looks won’t translate into political ability? Uneasy about Thomas Mulcair’s unkempt beard and general mysteriousness? Worried about Elizabeth May’s naive environmentalism and low chances of winning? Boy, do we have an issue for you.

Check out the stories below for The Peak‘s unique take on this week’s federal election.

Candidate profiles for Burnaby North—Seymour by Melissa Roach and Jamal Dumas

Seven reasons to vote out Stephen Harper by Miranda Macfarlane

Who really leads in a minority government? by Anthony Bianco

“Not-a-Party” election party celebrates nonpartisan politics by Kevin Rey

Experts look at culture of fear in Canadian politics by Nathan Ross

Releasing the death-grip on our Canadian voice by Tamara Connor

Why I will never actively devote myself to one political party by Adam Van der Zwan

Does Elizabeth May know her shit? by Tessa Perkins and Tamara Connor

Blazing away our economic woes by Jessica Whitesel

The pros of mixed-member propositional representation by Carmen Ang

Confessions of an uninformed voter by Zainah Merani

Why we shouldn’t depend on the polls by Tim Mottishaw

The election and Canadian sport by Jason Romisher

Official party merchandise for this year’s federal election by Bartosz Wysocki

Who you should vote for (based on your opinions about hair) by Jessica Whitesel

Laugh Track: Dan Code from Shit Harper Did by Jacey Gibb

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