I have a lot of opinions. And I’m not changing.


Among my co-editors at The Peak and among my close friends, I’m known as a very opinionated guy. And that’s putting it lightly. Ask me what my opinion is about almost anything, and I’ll be sure to give you some sort of response.

What I’ve found is that I’ve formed strong opinions on things that, in the scheme of it all, don’t matter a whole hell of a lot. And if I do have an opinion on something that has some weight to it, it’s probably something pretty stupid. For example, I don’t care a lot about provincial politics other than “Christy Clark sucks,” but I will defend with vigour that NHL 06 has the best soundtrack of any video game ever.

Some may call this ‘trolling,’ but I really don’t see it that way. I call it simply ‘trying to stand out a bit.’ Maybe that’s a bit childish, but it’s a part of who I am.

Looking back, it’s hard to pinpoint when I started to take a hard stance on everything. Likely, it was just a gradual realization that I was just an incredibly average person; some would say painfully average. I’ve never seen myself as one who has any real talent; and admittedly, I have gone through periods where I doubt myself at every turn. I’ve never seen myself as unique so I felt that to adopt stupid opinions gave me something by which to define myself.

But enough of that sappy stuff. I’ll list you some of my opinions. I’m telling you, if I ran things, it would be a heck of a lot different.

The Highland Pub is one of the only places on campus where you can get a drink, and yet it is always in the red. The only thing this place is consistent at is losing money. But I have a remedy to this problem, and it’s two words: strip club. Not only would it provide jobs on campus to students, it would at the very least mitigate the pub’s losses to a manageable number.

A popular topic I hear discussed is sexual education in public schools. I say forget learning that stuff in the classroom. Kids should learn about sex on the playground, through word of mouth. What kid wants to suffer through a talk about the birds and the bees from a parent or teacher twice their age? Just Google what you want to know when your parents go to bed. It saves both parties from an embarrassing and awkward conversation.

Twirling spaghetti on a spoon before eating it is the correct way to eat spaghetti. Anyone who says otherwise or has differing views is a heathen and must be dealt with accordingly.

Official power rankings for root beer: 1) A&W Root Beer, 2) Barq’s Root Beer, and 999) Mug Root Beer. No one likes Mug — not even the people who make it.

No hockey player should wear a number over 35, because it just looks stupid. I can’t explain exactly why, but players who skate around as #91 don’t look as good as #19 or #9. Plus, choosing your number after the year you were born is incredibly unoriginal. What are players born in 1999 going to do when they make the NHL?

Anyways, like I said, I’m an opinionated guy. It’s an extension of myself, and if you disagree with me that’s fine. But I’m not changing.