Board Shorts

GRID to revise mandate

The Greek Representation and Interest Development (GRID) group was further discussed at this week’s board meeting. Members of Greek organizations attended the meeting to participate in the dialogue, advocating for their respective groups. GRID’s Letter of Agreement with the society just expired, opening up question as to how the group will operate in the future.

While the current mandate is currently “to provide a forum for open discussion on matters pertaining to Greek societies,” members present expressed that they would like GRID to function as a “coordination mechanism” for all Greek societies. This would include representing their interests, being a source of information, and allowing groups to book society space through the club.

The board encouraged them to work with the society to revise the current Letter of Agreement to reflect any new goals.

Governance Model

The board of directors passed a motion to adopt a new governance model to better lay out society policies and guidelines for directors and staff. The model will be passed on to SFSS committees to fine tune some of its details.

“Even when we do get to those points of change were still going to be making some missteps along the way,” said Executive Director Martin Wyant, “That’s natural when you’re moving from one significant way of doing things to another — and one of the jobs of the governance committee is going to be making sure we’re staying on the straight and narrow.”