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Photo courtesy of Flickr
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Woohoo: Summer courses

There is nothing more relaxing than knowing you are steps closer  to completing your undergraduate degree than the losers out there enjoying the over-hyped summer vacation.

Summer classes get a bad rap because people are wrongfully led to believe that they miss out on a season of excitement. False. Summer classes are amazing because they are the only ones offered in ‘express’ versions, or intersessions. They let you finish a course in less than six weeks, because instructors are more willing to get real and cut out all the unnecessary, time-filling crap. Courses become more concentrated and fun, being more focused on what is important.

On top of this, summer classes give you more energy to read, since you don’t constantly want to roll yourself up in multiple blankets and sleep. The warm weather invigorates you towards educational triumph.

For the ones who want to succeed in life, take refuge in the fact that you’ll finish your degree faster by taking fun and focused classes while your pathetic peers are doing other non-academic, overrated activities that do not add to their credit counts whatsoever.

Boohoo: Summer

Summer is a horrible season. It makes you think about all the fun stuff that people do during their free time. You’re broke and you can’t join them, but turning to a loved one for physical support is no help — they’re sticky and sweaty. You want to leave the balcony door open to let things cool down, but you can’t without giving every bug that sailed on Noah’s Ark a big welcome to your sweltering domain.

The only way summer would be somehow tolerable is if the government gave you free bug spray and air conditioning. And for the majority of people who do not own a vehicle, they’ll have to get used to the intolerable heat levels while aboard public transit.

Summer easily becomes boring. It’s overhyped. There is way too much pressure to enjoy every single second of the season, and make it exciting. There is always a stupid group of people who bombard social media with all their beach photos, leaving you to wet your screen with tears. And while you look for a shoulder to cry on, you realise that you will not see any of your vacationing friends for an entire four months. Yeah, summer sucks. Big time!

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