Board Shorts

SFSS to jointly fund NEB Research Assistant

In cooperation with the Graduate Student Society (GSS), the board moved to hire a Research Assistant to assist the societies in researching and preparing their submission to the National Energy Board regarding the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline.

Both groups applied for and received intervenor status in the last year, and will work with the Research Assistant to formulate their submission, due by September 1, 2015.

Increase to chief electoral officer hours

The SFSS voted once again to increase the number of hours available to the chief electoral officer (CEO), Oscar Sanchez, so that he can finish the 2015 SFSS elections.

On March 11, the board voted to increase Sanchez’s billable hours from 150 to 200, since he had already worked 143 of the 150 allotted to him.

Sanchez asked for another 100 hours to be added “to be safe.” “We’re still dealing with outstanding infractions, we’re backed up on paperwork, we’ll have to do all the budgeting for next year,” he said. “There’s still a substantial amount of things that need to be done.”

Board approved the increase in the CEO’s hours from 200 to 300.