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SFU Woodward’s Reel Causes hosted a screening of Dr. Cabbie on the night of Sunday, February 1. The film is the story of an Indian doctor who immigrates to Canada, only to end up driving a cab. Audience members were invited to partake in some “light-hearted humour” with this feature-length film.



Student were invited to start building their careers figuratively by literally building a lego representation of their career possibilities, ideas, or goals and posting it on social media with the hashtag “#sfucareer.” The contest concluded on Feb. 1, and prizes included gift cards to Metrotown and Surrey Central.


Harbour Centre

SFU professor Karen Ferguson presented “Domesticating Dissent in the Black Power Era: Tracing the Historical Roots of the Obama Presidency,” last Thursday, Jan. 29. The talk delved into what Ferguson calls the “central problem” in American democracy: racial inequality. She went on to explore “the historical roots of how and why Obama got to the White House.”