Ask Professor Peak Week 2


Help! If I drop out of university, I’ll be shaming my parents!

DEAR PROFESSOR PEAK: I feel like I’m in university to please my parents. Being an only child from a wealthy family of university graduates, my parents expect me to continue the family ‘legacy,’ graduate with some important degree, and be some important title. I’ve never really been interested in university, and I’ve told my parents this, but they insisted I attend this institution that I don’t really care about. I’m in a bachelor of arts program without a major because I can’t decide on one that interests me. Instead, I’d like to do carpentry or something similar, but I’m scared that if I fight my parents over it, they’ll see me as a huge disappointment or some dud that doesn’t have a life. Why can’t they just understand that you don’t have to be in university to be successful? ––– CONFLICTED CARPENTER

DEAR CONFLICTED: You’re the one who has to spend eight-plus hours a day (at least) doing whatever job you end up in, so you’d better darn well enjoy doing it! But I suspect you already know that. As for your parents, remind them success comes not from your fancy job title or your impressive degree, but from your accomplishments and how you make an impact on the world. In other words, success comes from what makes you happy! It wouldn’t hurt to let them know the opportunity prospects for trades jobs (carpentry included!) are ranked extremely high in BC, and trades tend to pay quite well. Sure, you may have a few tough conversations with your parents right now, but it’s safe to say the rest of your life is worth those momentary rough patches. ––– PROFESSOR PEAK

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Darn! SFU just isn’t evil enough for me!

DEAR PROFESSOR PEAK: I am a 22 year-old science student. Believe it or not, I’m in my fourth year. However, the last few months I have become worried that I’m not getting the best out of my education at SFU. It’s not that I don’t study hard — it’s SFU itself. In all my time here, I have not handled one death ray. There are no classes on how to use neuroscience to brainwash people to do my bidding. How will I become a mad scientist if I have no experience in these essential areas? Does UBC have death rays? I just have a feeling I’d be getting a better education in evil elsewhere. ––– ASPIRING MAD SCIENTIST

DEAR ASPIRING: Well, it looks like you’re in a bit of a pickle, as SFU doesn’t (for legal reasons) overtly offer any courses in mischief or merrymaking, let alone evil-doing or world domination. But fear not: there are workaround ways to learn sinister skills at our hallowed institution! Engineering Science 470: Optical and Laser Engineering Applications will give you a great way to develop your death ray building skills! Just work on that evil laugh and you’re set. ––– PROFESSOR PEAK

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