SFU drives on its brand new roads

Life is a hiiiiiiighwaaaay
The roads were officially finished on October 1.

SFU Burnaby will now have full use of its new campus roads as construction comes to a close.

On Monday, October 6, transit routes will return to what they were last year, before the beginning of the roadway improvement project.

Parking Services director David Agosti said, “That will be a big change and I think a welcome change to students.”

This means that transit users will be able to exit the bus at the Transportation Centre first, before it heads to the bus loop. Buses will also leave the mountain via University Drive West, putting the residence bus stop back in circulation.

Parking Services told The Peak that there have been positive reactions to the road openings. “We’re not driving on the concrete roads of a year ago, but we’re also not driving on the unpaved gravel roads of two months ago,” said Agosti.

Though all the roadways are open and the multi-use pathway (MUP) along Gaglardi Way and University Drive West is in service, the eight month-long project is not quite complete as there is some landscaping yet to be done.

Agosti explained, “There may be some minor impediments, say if they’re putting in a tree beside the pathway or they’re putting in some shrubbery or what have you.”

He warned MUP users that workers are still in the process of fertilizing the gardens along the path. “It may be pungent for another week or two,” he said.

In regards to the West Mall parkade, SFU is considering an alteration to the original entrance and exit off of University Drive West. That section will be closed for potentially a week or two while Parking Services and Safety and Risk Services assess the area. People parking on the 8000 level of that parkade will still need to use the altered exit and entrance.

Agosti also encouraged drivers to try out new routes: “If you are [driving and] going to the west side of campus — to residence, childcare, recreation and athletics, West Mall Complex — it’s probably worth your while to try going up the new way now. See if that’s faster [or] more enjoyable.”