How to achieve your dream

All of us have dreams, yet some of us lack the motivation to pursue them. Whatever you see as your goal in life, you can achieve it by following a set of rules.

First of all, the more outrageous your dream, the better. Whether it’s to become an athlete, chemist, or the next prime minister, the first step is to research those who have already achieved your dream. Recognize them, study them, and admire them. Watch their movies, read their biographies, and listen to what they have to say on Youtube. I guarantee that the more you do this, the more you will become inspired.

The second step is to visualize yourself as that famous Hollywood actor or that Olympic athlete. This is absolutely necessary, because if you can’t visualize this, then no one else will. This concept can also be applied to those smaller, intermediate goals.  For example, before every set at the gym, I examine the weight on the bench press or the barbell, and I visualize myself lifting it. Afterwards, the actual lift is much less difficult because the struggle in your mind is always more strenuous than reality. If you can visualize your dream, you’ve completed the toughest part.

The next step is to dismiss all of your critics, as many people in life will claim that your dream cannot be accomplished. I find that many of these people make biased or ignorant assumptions, as they naturally cannot put themselves into your shoes. Trust yourself, fall back on visualizing your accomplishments, and remember that you have the ability to achieve your goal.

You may demonstrate your skill well, but you’ll never be publicly known unless you promote yourself.

Of course, you must put the best work possible toward what you want to achieve. This means diligently studying your notes, lifting the heavy weights at the gym, coding away on your computer, or whatever applies to you. This hard work will require a lot of mental and physical power, so it’s best you make it a double shot of espresso.

However, there is another aspect of work that people often ignore. You may demonstrate that you have skill or knowledge, but you’ll never be known to the public unless you meet up with like-minded people and promote yourself. You can do this by creating online profiles through certain websites dedicated to your skill or craft; many of these sites have forums in which you can discuss topics with other members. Not only does this make you known, but it helps establish you amongst a network of people.

One misconception about the road to success is that failure doesn’t occur. Embrace failure — it’s inevitable that you’ll have setbacks. I’ve failed many times to achieve what I want in school, at the gym, and in my other activities. When I don’t receive a decent mark on a test, or fail to lift a weight at the gym, I remember that there will be a next time. Whether it takes three times or 100, I’ll eventually crush it, and this is the attitude you must employ. Failure is opportunity for growth, and not some moral incompetency.

What you want out of life is attainable, but you must first believe it to be possible. Your dream will not be accomplished easily, but if you find an inspiration, visualize, work hard, and do not fear failure, then you will undoubtedly achieve your dream. When it comes to your life path, never let a critic’s remark become your reality.