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Last Wednesday, Andrew Yan, a senior urban planner with Bing Thom Architects and researcher with BTAworks, hosted a panel discussion titled “Vancouver in the 21st Century” at SFU Woodward’s.

The topic covered various aspects of life in Vancouver, “through the lens of social statistics and community cartographies.” Proceeds from ticket sales were donated to the Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House Food Program.


On Wednesday evening at Surrey campus, Susmita Maskey, a young Nepali mountain climber and social activist, spoke about her experiences as a coordinator of the historic First Nepali Women Everest Expedition, and her preparations for climbing the last of the Seven Summits, Vinson Massif in Antarctica.

Maseky has climbed Mount Everest three times and advocates empowering young women and supporting victims of violence.

Harbour Centre

Dietrich Jung of University of Southern Denmark’s Centre for Contemporary Middle East Studies delivered a lecture titled “How To Be a Modern Muslim: Global Social Imaginaries and the Construction of Islamic Identities” on Wednesday, September 24 at Harbour Centre.

His lecture discussed ways in which Muslims have dealt with subjectivity and social constructs in the modern era.