Your next barber visit



The Handlebar (aka The Lion Tamer)

This one is best pulled off if the rest of your face is smoothly shaven and the hair on your head has attitude to match. Ask your barber to keep the ‘stache full and longer at the ends for that essential curl. Keep your hair long on top and shorter on the sides. You’ll need some hair wax for this one, for both parties involved.



The Long Route (aka The Fabio)

Long hair doesn’t work on every dude, but for those who can pull it off, flowing locks can suggest just the right amount of romance and edge. Get your barber to cut it just above the shoulders and make sure there’s enough layering for movement and softness, but not so much that you’re treading in mullet territory. Think medieval hunk, not late 80s cock rock. Heads up: this doesn’t work quite as well with super curly hair.


The Elvis (aka The Pompadour)

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Go for longer in the front and on top, and get your barber to show you how to use gel, wax, or clay to create that perfect pompadour. It’s all about volume and attitude with this one — plus a pelvic thrust or two.


The Frosted Tips (aka The Young Leonardo DiCaprio)

Ever feel old? Want to reclaim the youth that seemed to slip away so fast? No better way than to channel boy bands of yesteryears with this spiky, bleach-tipped 90s favourite. Beloved by teen girls (and boys) everywhere, the Frosted Tips will either win your sweetheart’s favour or lose it very, very quickly.



The Fresh Prince (aka The High-Top Fade)

Want to really stand out from the crowd? Go for the sky-high-top fade and tower above all your friends. It’s got personality and requires little to no styling in the morning, which means you can spend more time picking out the right duds. Ask your barber to keep it as high on top as possible. This one doesn’t work with straight hair.

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