BoG election results announced

By Graham Cook

In last week’s election, Arry Dhillon and Andreas Pilarnos were elected to represent the student body on the SFU Board of Governors for a 12-month term beginning June 1. In his campaign, Pilarnos emphasized his past experience with the SFU Senate, the Research Ethics Board, and EnvisionSFU. Former two-time board representative Dhillon referred to a plethora of SFU-related experience including his time as university relations officer for the SFSS and as a board member for the SFU Community Trust to gain voter approval.

The Board of Governors is the senior governing body of the university and is constituted under the University Act. The overall responsibility for the property, revenue, and policies is vested in the board.  In addition, its members do not receive any financial compensation for their services.

In addition to this election, 13 students, including Andreas Pilarnos, were elected to the Senate by acclamation, as the required 16 nominations to facilitate an election were not reached by the deadline.