Join the Club: Club Club!


By Alan Watt

New to SFU? Missed Clubs Days? Finding it hard to make friends? Tired of sitting alone on Friday and Saturday night writing Link/Ganon slash-fiction? Well I’ll bet there’s a club that can take your mind off those dirty, nerdy thoughts! JOIN THE CLUB is a feature that showcases some of SFU’s lesser known clubs!

This week we highlight . . .

The Club Club!

Originally founded in the late ‘80s, the Club Club is a club devoted to the appreciation of blunt striking instruments. Although they are one of the smaller campus organizations, the Club Club has a long and storied history. Notable incidents include the theft of the Club Club’s seal, by the local chapter of PETA after they mistook it for the Seal Clubber’s Club’s seal, as well as the christening of a sandwich at the Highland in honour of Milton Furl, the first president of the Club Club: The Club Club Club. The Club Club also boasts the largest collection of clubs in North America, although currently the collection is closed to the public as  the seal clubs are away for refurbishment and waterproofing with seal club seal.


Look for our booth in Convocation Mall this Clubs Days!


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