SFSS decides to close all its food and beverage options

Highland Pub, Higher Grounds, The Ladle will close for good on June 15

There was a time when the Highland Pub was filled with patrons, but in two months it will be closing its doors, as will all SFSS F&B operations.

In a shocking statement released today, the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) has announced that it will be permanently closing its food and beverage (F&B) operations effective June 15.

In a press release made by the SFSS, it cites the ongoing deficits incurred by the F&B services.

“This decision comes after years of the SFSS food and beverage operations annually incurring a deficit. In 2016, the operations saw a loss of $348,294, which is comparable to previous years.”

This decision comes in the same week as the results of the SFSS general election, which means that the Board of Directors that made this decision has less than a month left on the job. They will pass this — and all other board matters — on to a new team.

““Each year, the food and beverage operations faces a large deficit, subsidized using student dollars. The Board believe it is in the best interest of students to not continue to run this deficit,” said outgoing President Larissa Chen in the statement.

Along with the food outlets, the SFSS catering services will also be shut down. Those services have been a bit controversial in the past, as Departmental Student Unions (DSUs) and other groups associated with the SFSS have been forced to use them to cater their events, much to the chagrin of students like Kelsey Wilson.

“What does this mean for DSUs that have previously been forced to use SFSS catering for events? Do we get to buy from wherever now?” she asked on Facebook, in response to the press release.

While there are many questions that are going to arise in the coming months, outgoing vice-president (VP) student life Curtis Pooghkay wanted to express how difficult this decision was and give thanks for the F&B employees to end the press release.

“We know that some students enjoy pub nights and the social gathering spaces and we did not take this decision lightly”, said Pooghkay. “We are grateful to our staff and management for working so hard for the food and beverage operations over the years,” he said.