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COLOMBIA – Colombian president wins Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Prize laureates for the year have been announced and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos is the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize of 2016. President Santos was awarded for his work to end domestic conflicts within Colombia that have protracted for over 50 years. The conflict was between the Marxist group Revolutionary Armed Force of Colombia, and other paramilitary groups. The war led to displacement and death. The militia signed a peace agreement with Santos. Many speculate that this prize was a political tactic in order to support continued peace operations within Colombia.

With files from Al Jazeera

HAITI – Hurricane Matthew and humanitarian efforts in Haiti

Tragedy has returned to Haiti in the form of a natural disaster with Hurricane Matthew, killing scores and reportedly destroying 90 percent of property and crops in some areas. The hurricane has affected Cuba, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. The United Nations has appealed for international aid of $120 million as 1.4 million Haitians are at extreme risk. The people of Haiti are also vulnerable to cholera: the epidemic will reportedly affect mass populations, aggravated by the storm. Basic amenities such as food, water, and medicine have not been able to reach areas on the coasts, calling for more help from the international community.

With files from ABC News and Al Jazeera

US – US House of Representatives speaker turns over a new leaf

The second debate between the two presidential nominees has affected Trump’s campaign far more adversely than expected. The speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, has reportedly said that “he will not defend Trump or campaign with him for the next 30 days.” Ryan’s decision comes right after Trump found himself in controversy surrounding his potentially derogatory comments towards women. Ryan reasoned that he would be spending the rest of the presidential running ensuring that his party’s majority is retained. It is reported that Ryan also asked the party members to act in the best interest of their own districts.

With files from Al Jazeera