Grace N. Howl on the SFSS Campaign Trail ’16: The Snides of March

Hello SFU,

After a tiring week of debates and campaigning, I spent this past weekend reflecting on my work and what I had achieved so far. The elections are drawing closer, and with each passing day I can’t help but feel more confident in my campaign and my potential at being your next SFSS President.

While many candidates have spent a fair bit of time pitting themselves against their opponents and lamenting the fact that The Peak, again, brought out their candidate endorsements yet again, I can’t help but feel sorry for the student population. Do you really want a whiny president who gets their feelings hurt all the time? Some of these candidates make me think of Harper. You know why Harper always has that same expression on his face? It’s not lack of support or acceptance of defeat, it’s because I roasted him numerous times on literally everything — his policies, governing style, hometown, and musical ability (which is about the same as a donkey). Over time, he learned to just let the criticism just slide off his back. Potential SFSS presidents should be the same way.

I will admit that I am a little hurt that The Peak did not endorse me. BUT, I’m not complaining. I can do just fine without them; after all, I am the richest, the brightest and the most promising candidate that has ever run for this position.

With the elections coming, I think that there is a clear division separating me from the other candidates – a division that clearly shows that I am the only option for greatness.

Grace N. Howl

*All documentation has been personally received by Rachel Wong*

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