Bahamas play to packed house at The Vogue


It still surprises me how many people have never heard of Bahamas. This Toronto musician, whose real name is Afie Jurvanen, put out his first record in 2008, and 2012’s Barchords included a few popular, radio-friendly tracks. Listening to his music is like putting on clothes that just came out of the dryer or taking that first long-awaited sip of your latte. Along with his band, his clear, crisp sounds filled The Vogue with warmth, and Jurvanen’s calmness washed over the crowd like a soft blanket.

The Weather Station opened the show with her similarly calming folk rock, and she also joined Bahamas on a few songs later in the show. On the bare black stage with only their instruments, the music was the focus, and it spoke for itself. Joined by Carleigh Aikins and Felicity Williams, the vocal harmonies that were created were beautifully soothing.  Jurvanen’s dry, witty sense of humour was also refreshing as he humbly chatted to the audience between songs.

As the first chords of popular songs such as “Lost in the Light” and “Caught Me Thinking” from Barchords were heard, a flurry of applause and cheers rose from the crowd. Bahamas also played songs from the 2014 album, Bahamas is Alfie, and his first record, Pink Strat. The pink strat guitar also made an appearance as Jurvanen explained that he wrote his first album on it and only recently began playing it again.

The atmosphere in The Vogue was one of quiet contemplation and respect, as we soaked in the music. As Afie sang “That’s ok, that’s alright, I’m alive,” it struck me that that’s exactly how his music makes you feel.