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UBC dental program suspected of fraud

One of the University of British Columbia’s residency programs is under scrutiny for the possibility of fraud involving approximately $5 million. UBC administration was alerted of inconsistencies in the finances of UBC’s Faculty of Dentistry’s General Practice Residency.

Following this discovery, the university’s internal auditing system began an immediate investigation. Upon completion of the investigation, a report was submitted to the RCMP for further examination. As of yet, the police have not announced any updates to the further investigation.

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Controversy leads to resignation of
U of S provost

University of Saskatchewan provost Brett Fairbairn has resigned his position, following controversy over the dismissal of a professor speaking out against budget cuts. Professor and executive director of the School of Public Health, Robert Buckingham, was removed from his position and from the university campus after reaching out to government officials about financial restructuring at the school.

Fairburn mentioned in his resignation letter that he acted in the, “genuine interest in the well-being of the University of Saskatchewan.” Buckingham was subsequently offered back his tenure position, excluding his standing as executive director.

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