COUNTER-POINT: Wings are the best

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They’re cheap and part of a balanced meal

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By Ljudmila Petrovic
Photos by Ljudmila Petrovic

There’s something about hearing the words “Wings” and “Wednesday” together in a sentence that just warms the cockles of my heart. Maybe it’s because they’re fiscally responsible, maybe it’s because they come in those adorable baskets, maybe it’s because they’re fun to eat. I don’t know.

Okay, so it would probably be more “worth it” if you were paying 25–35 cents per wing if it belonged to a bigger bird, but I personally don’t see gnawing on an albatross wing as a fun after-class activity. Sure, you sometimes come across a vein, but that comes with the top-of-the-foodchain territory.

All in all though, wings are fun. You get your protein AND you get to choose from a plethora of sauces. It can never get boring, and there’s bound to be a sauce for each of your moods. Feeling spunky? Get some hot wings. Rustic? BBQ. Safe and traditional? Get some salt n’ peppa! Like a little girl? Go with honey garlic.

Another thing I love about wings is the competition that often comes with the territory. I find it hard to not accept a challenge, especially when there’s usually a taunt on the sauce list along the lines of: “Think you can survive our deathly spicy, burn-off-your-mouth SUPER HOT DEATH SUICIDE MURDER WINGS?” Uh, yeah. I do, actually. Let me tell you, you will stumble out of that bar feeling like you just dodged death. You may not look it, but you’ll sure as hell feel like a million bucks.

This brings me to my next point: beer. I’m not normally a huge beer drinker, but when I get some wings in front of me, it’s hard to resist some brew. Health and fitness magazines are always telling me that a balanced meal of carbohydrates and (lean) protein will keep me the most satiated and are a sure-fire way to drop at least 25 lbs in a week. Beer is a carbohydrate, correct? Chicken is a lean protein for sure. Women’s Health would be so proud of me right now.

But ultimately any day of the week that combines alliteration and meat is okay in my books. Yes, I am also a proponent of Steak Sundays and Filet Mignon Fridays, thanks for asking.

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